Everyday a Fresh New Day

May 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’ve often admitted to myself that I’ve fallen in love with the idea of fresh starts.

Everyday is a new day. A fresh new day. And in the Philippines, everyday is also Christmas Day. So.. Merry Christmas!

I missed greeting people a merry Christmas through this blog since I seemed to have “forgotten” to login for a span of six months. But those months were jam-packed with various events in my life. Here are some of the highlights that I went through for the past six months:

  • Setting aside of yMerge Corporation
  • Job-Hunting Galore
  • Getting a job as a permanent support staff of my wife’s cake and events shop
  • My kids growing a lot
  • Letting go of my red Kia Pride and selling it for scraps (it was really faulty) « Read the rest of this entry »

Writing Online as a Career

November 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Everything feels fresh after a big change. I recently ended my contract working for Focusinc Group Corp a couple of months back and I landed on a small start-up company called YMerge as it’s Operations Manager. There’s very little operations to be done for a start-up company such as this one at this early stage so I bare get to manage anything or anyone just yet.

With a considerable amount of extra time in my hands and with my determination to earn more for my family motivating me, I decided to venture to writing online as a means to earn a little cash. I realized that starting this gig wasn’t really a walk in the park. Like every other career, you have to start at the basics. So I made a few self-notes to keep me on track while I’m starting:

  1. Create an Online Presence as a Writer
  2. Create as Many Writing Samples as possible
  3. Market Online to Interested People
  4. Reactivate and Write in Your Website/Blog
  5. Continue Brainstorming for New Ideas

Social media has dramatically improved over the course of the last decade. The last time I was actively using my Facebook was when I was in college. When I rediscovered and reintroduced it to myself once more, I was blown away with how much possibilities it has for me.

Right now, I’m already bordering on the fourth and fifth step of my five-item action plan. Brainstorming can be very tricky especially now that there are a lot of concepts out there, a lot of competition and a lot of talents readily available. But one thing I came into terms with is the fact that in an ever-changing world, the one who adapts is King.

Well, here’s to getting back after a year.


Working As an Elusive Business Development Officer

September 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

So What Do I Do?

For all my high school friends and college buddies who, for some reason, think that I’m currently in Manila, let me tell you now that I’m not. I stayed there for a couple of months but ultimately decided to go back and settle here with my family. But more on that on a different post.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been posting a Want Ad on Facebook looking for applicants for a number of Virtual Assistant jobs that we offer. I’m appreciative of the few who liked it and even more thankful for those who inquired and showed up for application. Although up to date, I still don’t have any referrals yet—possibly due to the fact that I’m not very consistent in that campaign.

Why, in the first place, am I looking for Virtual Assistants?

Because the need for VA’s has been skyrocketing. I’ve never imagined that a lot of small-businesses have opted to find Virtual Assistants to help in their businesses. I always thought that only big phone companies and market researching firms were the only ones who’s into heavy outsourcing which has paved the way of big call centers here in the Philippines. « Read the rest of this entry »

Watts: You Do That

May 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s been a couple of years since I graduated from my Alma Mater and I’ve tried reflecting what has happened since the good old days in UP Mindanao. I miss the place. The last time I was there in the time of writing this was on my Graduation Day. It would be nice to drop by the place one of these days.

I never thought of becoming a coordinator of sorts in a corporate company with my Creative Writing background. There has been a plethora of instances wherein people don’t necessarily practice their profession. I’ve interviewed a lot of nursing students who want to be Virtual Assistants, education majors that want to answer emails for a living, software programmers that would settle to a copy-paste clerical job, and many more.

I find it a sort of fascination when someone prepares for something and ends up doing something else. I remember when I joined the 14th Iligan National Writers Workshop when the keynote speaker Rebecca Añonuevo shares a simple way of deciding on something to do when we were hanging out after the afternoon bloodbath of workshop.

“It’s easy to choose what you want to do,” said Ma’am Becky (as we called her). “You go to wherever you’re good at (or at least think you’re good at) and to wherever you’ll be happy.”

Later in life I stumbled on this amazing website called Zen Pencils by cartoonist Gavin Aung Than. The website takes on quotes from famous people and he creates his own interpretation through his cartoons which I found to be a really fun way in reading quotable quotes.

In one of his works he featured philosopher Alan Watts with a quote titled: “What If Money Was No Object?”

You can click on the above link to see the actual picture but basically the comic depicts a professor being asked by students about their plans in the future and that they don’t know what they want to do. The professor answered the questions by asking, “What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?”

Allan Watts

Students would answer they want to be painters, poets, writers or a horse-back rider. But later on they’d add that they can’t make money out of it. On this part of the comic, I realized that I was one of those students. I, too, feel that way even until now. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Just to write my thoughts and my heart away. But it’s not really practical.

Then the professor said to us after we answered his question: “YOU DO THAT. AND FORGET THE MONEY.”

You Do That

I don’t always get shocked by cartoon characters but somehow this two-dimensional drawing managed to shake me up with Allan Watt’s words.

Watts explained that if we say that getting money is the most important thing, we get to spend our lives wasting our time. We begin to continue doing things we don’t like to do to go on doing those things. And the cycle goes on and on (Than actually drew a picture of a person running on a hamster wheel).

For the longest time and even when I’m writing this, I’ve kept on reflecting on the idea behind this quote. It has always been human nature to want to do what you want. I want to do what I want. But the way I see it, there’s still a lot to consider. Right now, I’m trying to do what I want but sometimes I lose focus with what I want in general. I want to write, yes. But I also want to ensure my family’s future. If only I could infuse those two things. Of course, that’s not impossible. Only a bit difficult.

There’s a challenge.

I recently spoke with one of my underclassmen. They were excited to do this and do that, focused on what they want and what they can do. I can see myself in them. Sure they’ll feel the disappointment in one form or the other not being able to land in their dream jobs or do what they want. But hopefully they can maintain the excitement and the gusto to go for what they want anyways despite the setbacks.

“Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.” –Allan Watts

Blogging: Online Résumé

April 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

I am biased to a well-thought-out résumé.

As the Business Development Officer for Focusinc, I act as panelist for incoming Virtual Assistants. But before I even meet any candidates, I make sure I’ve read their résumé. It tells me a story of how this person came to be. I check their background and imagine their lives before they come into the room. I compare the person from the résumé against the person I’m interviewing.

Personally, I feel there is a need to require people online résumés. After all, most businesses already have the internet as their daily tool. I believe the best way to put yourself out there is through blogging.

Blogging enables everyone to write about themselves. The cost to maintaining a blog is very cheap and some even free! There is a lot of flexibility in using blog and anyone can see how well you work with your resources. It is also a good way in effectively showing your skill in writing and communicating online.

I don’t think it’s a requirement for jobseekers to blog. But bear in mind, you might just be up against people who do. After all, a certain panelist out there might ask you for one.

On Naming My Sons Princes

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I went above and beyond in securing long fancy names for my sons. A lot of parents tend to arrive to the best name they can find for their children. Some dads name their sons after themselves (most of the time) unconsciously following a tradition observed even in ancient times as proven with the succession of regal names of Kings and Emperors.

In my case my father had the notion of naming me after himself but on a different language. Hence the name ‘Javin’ which is supposedly a translation of ‘James’ in ancient Hebrew. Interestingly it never checked out when I searched the net since every source says that ‘James’ translates to ‘Yaakov’ which is generally “Jacob.” Still, my searches told me that ‘Javin’ means any of the following:

  • Capital and namesake of Javin sector and the subsequent Greater Javin Region, along the Corellian Trade Spine. This is generally not bad considering its part of the Star Wars universe (Source).
  • Hurricane in the Sanskrit language (Source).
  • Cool, sweet, crazy, crunk, anything that is way out there and off the handle, out of this world based on an the online Urban Dictionary.
  • Very argumentative army guy still from the Urban Dictionary.

What I like about this name is that it’s very unique compared to other names. Downside is that a lot of people tend to mispronounce and misspell it. So after my elementary years I opted to go by my second name:


A lot of people assume I’m named after an aircraft or after the band or (interestingly) a dark coal used in jewelry. But in reality, this is another creative technique he used in naming me after him. JET, as a matter of fact, is taken from his initials since his full name was ‘James E. Tevar.’

And there you have it, folks. A complete special family recipe in naming your son after yourself.

In the end, naming a child after yourself or a relative boils down to enriching a sense of posterity. It’s human nature to pass down ideas, culture, tradition and, of course, names. Not only is this a mere slight of fancy or a whiff of fatherly pride but perhaps it is a validation of our humanness and our wish for a continual legacy.

Perhaps someday, my sons Prince Joaquin Cairo and Prince Juancho Cael would later name their sons a version of Javin Jet and James.

…or, who knows, maybe Batman.

New Blog: A Slice of Life

April 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

After leaps and bounds in my life like actually graduating, getting married, having two kids (in just a year’s time, mind you) and getting a rigorous job in a start-up company, I finally end up in front of a blank sheet with a blinking cursor ready to write again. But write about what? Nothing in particular, really. Sometimes a writer (or rather a previous aspiring writer) just want the feel of softly pressing the little keys of the keyboard. It’s quite different from the vigorous typing strokes I make when creating a report or writing a memorandum at work.

John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

I realized that blogging is not just about writing. It’s about experiencing and learning. And right now is the best time to experience things and learn stuff. Blogging about it simply becomes an add-on, a literary photograph, a wordy souvenir of what happened. A little slice of life.

So Hello, Life! Let me slice away and serve you on a platter.