Working As an Elusive Business Development Officer

September 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

So What Do I Do?

For all my high school friends and college buddies who, for some reason, think that I’m currently in Manila, let me tell you now that I’m not. I stayed there for a couple of months but ultimately decided to go back and settle here with my family. But more on that on a different post.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been posting a Want Ad on Facebook looking for applicants for a number of Virtual Assistant jobs that we offer. I’m appreciative of the few who liked it and even more thankful for those who inquired and showed up for application. Although up to date, I still don’t have any referrals yet—possibly due to the fact that I’m not very consistent in that campaign.

Why, in the first place, am I looking for Virtual Assistants?

Because the need for VA’s has been skyrocketing. I’ve never imagined that a lot of small-businesses have opted to find Virtual Assistants to help in their businesses. I always thought that only big phone companies and market researching firms were the only ones who’s into heavy outsourcing which has paved the way of big call centers here in the Philippines.

Interestingly, I found myself strongly connected to this industry. Later on, I came to believe that it was somewhat like a happy accidental choice. More than three years working in the Business Process Outsourcing field has convinced me that our breed of Virtual Assistants not just in the Philippines in general but more specifically in Davao City has evolved to a higher state of quality.

In Focusinc, I have worked as a Virtual Assistant, Trainer, VA Generalist, Operations Supervisor and finally, now a Business Development Officer.

The funny thing about my job is that I believe I’m anything but the Business Development Officer.

The BDO job is supposedly for someone who works everyday targeting to get new clients to come in the company. The main function or role of the Business Development Officer is to make sure that there’s a regular flow of incoming new business which in turn helps in building revenue to the company. Well my work is a bit different to that. But if we’re going to focus on the words used, I’d say it’s somewhat spot on since what I generally do is, well, develop the business.

I have ownership in training. For all new Virtual Assistants in the company, I’m expected to assist in training them with how the company works as well as how they should go about their daily work. I am present during the time when their respective clients train them with the product knowledge. You can just imagine the level of information they give for the turnover process. Being able to know all those information made me eligible to train these processes to future Virtual Assistants as well. I do soft skills training and other training that involves my field of expertise which ranges from writing, to client relations, to basic online maneuvering of client’s websites.

Considering the knowledge I have, I believe I can say that I’m somewhat a resident Subject Matter Expert. Though the subject matter seems to be a bit edgy when defined. More likely a corporate Jack-Of-All-Trade kind of guy. I am now tasked to write about everything I know on the accounts into manuals and training kits. I gather information and document them for future reference for both the company and the Virtual Assistants.

And because of my pseudo-SME status, I have been and essential part of the recruitment process. I handle the incoming client information and at the same time work as one of the panelists for one of the key process interviews for incoming applicants to assist Recruitment in screening properly making sure that we arrive to a great match to our Clients.

Speaking of Clients, I also handle top Client Relations. I used to be the supervisor for majority of our accounts when we were still starting. Most of our company’s Clients are already familiar with me and how I operate. So even after I transferred to Business Development, I still get calls from time to time asking me to assist them in some things. Which really isn’t that big of a deal because aside from handling Clients, I believe I am the company’s…


Yes, that’s right. A fixer. But in a sense that I get to fix everything there is to be fixed. I’m like a plumber or a repairman in the office. With the background and experience I had working in the company from day one, I don’t think it’s a big shocker that I’m usually the go-to guy when it comes to problems in the floor. But of course, with the Operations Supervisors around and the other Support Staff on standby, I normally just take over when there is a threat of a burning house meaning I just work as a fixer if there’s no one else who can fix it.

Most importantly, I see myself as a mover of things. I do suggestions, give opinions, share pieces of advice from time to time to Virtual Assistants, Supervisors, Team Leaders, anyone. After all, our tagline is “Together We Make a Perfect Team” which I believe is quite simple but very much fitting to our vision.

I actually like where I am right now. I guess that’s where I’m driving at. I don’t exactly care if my work is a misnomer or if I tend to do a lot of unrelated processes from time to time. I simply relish it. It’s a matter of choosing to like the job, really.

Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


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