Writing Online as a Career

November 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Everything feels fresh after a big change. I recently ended my contract working for Focusinc Group Corp a couple of months back and I landed on a small start-up company called YMerge as it’s Operations Manager. There’s very little operations to be done for a start-up company such as this one at this early stage so I bare get to manage anything or anyone just yet.

With a considerable amount of extra time in my hands and with my determination to earn more for my family motivating me, I decided to venture to writing online as a means to earn a little cash. I realized that starting this gig wasn’t really a walk in the park. Like every other career, you have to start at the basics. So I made a few self-notes to keep me on track while I’m starting:

  1. Create an Online Presence as a Writer
  2. Create as Many Writing Samples as possible
  3. Market Online to Interested People
  4. Reactivate and Write in Your Website/Blog
  5. Continue Brainstorming for New Ideas

Social media has dramatically improved over the course of the last decade. The last time I was actively using my Facebook was when I was in college. When I rediscovered and reintroduced it to myself once more, I was blown away with how much possibilities it has for me.

Right now, I’m already bordering on the fourth and fifth step of my five-item action plan. Brainstorming can be very tricky especially now that there are a lot of concepts out there, a lot of competition and a lot of talents readily available. But one thing I came into terms with is the fact that in an ever-changing world, the one who adapts is King.

Well, here’s to getting back after a year.



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