Everyday a Fresh New Day

May 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’ve often admitted to myself that I’ve fallen in love with the idea of fresh starts.

Everyday is a new day. A fresh new day. And in the Philippines, everyday is also Christmas Day. So.. Merry Christmas!

I missed greeting people a merry Christmas through this blog since I seemed to have “forgotten” to login for a span of six months. But those months were jam-packed with various events in my life. Here are some of the highlights that I went through for the past six months:

  • Setting aside of yMerge Corporation
  • Job-Hunting Galore
  • Getting a job as a permanent support staff of my wife’s cake and events shop
  • My kids growing a lot
  • Letting go of my red Kia Pride and selling it for scraps (it was really faulty)
  • Leaving our subdivision and moving to an apartment in the city
  • Landing on an awesome job at HP Outsourcing
  • Attempts in getting reactivated in Church

I’m currently excited in this new position I have in the company. I get to learn an entirely new aspect of outsourcing particularly with website production and short-term projects. Excellent environment and not-to-bad offer.

I suppose business will have to wait. It didn’t work out very well last time but I’m not closing shop yet.

It’s really nice to breathe in fresh air. Even nicer to breathe in a fresh new day.



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