Relish a smorgasbord of a young fellow’s “slices of life” all-you-can-eat buffet.

An Online Portfolio for Javin Jet Tevar: Amateur Entrepreneur, Outsourcing Specialist, Creative Writer

This blog is intended as my personal portfolio. This will also stand as a venue for all my recent works as related to my profession and my hobbies. Blogging, I believe, is the best way to interpret myself online compared to other media since I’m more comfortable sharing and expressing myself through writing.

In this blog I will share some personal thoughts and practical pieces of advice to anyone who also shares my varied interests. I will also incorporate my opinions to everyday learnings and realizations in business, family and life in general.

This blog’s mission is to stand as a journal that will chronicle new explorations and also to reach out to fellow netizens of the same interests as myself to broaden my network of acquaintances and friends. This blog will also be my online bio-data/resume for anyone who wishes to know more about me in a professional and also personal level.

Looking forward to seeing you more on my blog!


Javin Jet Tevar
Blog Owner


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